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All is vanity.
April 4th, 2007 
Bet neither of the two of you who actually read my mental puke know where those lyrics are from. I mean without Google's help. Don't worry, it's not worth bragging about. I can't imagine why I am.

Anyway, I'm posting about the med again. I haven't had any dreams for two nights now and I'm feeling very good. I think my brain is getting used to Wellbutrin. In fact, I think it might like it.

God, I hope it doesn't give me a seizure after admitting that. And yes, it can give people seizures, I'm not making it up.

Other stuff I want to say:

Em (who is not one of my two loyal readers) said I should post real things, but maybe I went too far on that last entry. You know, cause it got no responses. Not complaining; it's probably impossible to think of an appropriate reply. I do hope you found it at least somewhat interesting though. In any case, it's my favorite thing on this lj so far.

Started Gender and Media today. Looks like an interesting class. Not ecstatic about it, but I'm happy.

Ml, how do you feel about lending me X-day and Under the Glass Moon? I'm not even entirely sure the latter series is yours anymore, but whatever. Anyway, there's this manga fangirl I know and I think she'd love them. In fact, she might decide she's interested in buying them.
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